Ballot Access Pledge

Take the Ballot Access Pledge!

In addition to Green Ballot Day this March 15, 2016, on presidential Primary Day, North Carolinians are fighting a history of voter suppression by continuously collecting signatures from their neighbors, co-workers, families, and at major events in their areas with other citizens.

The Republican and Democratic Parties have placed tremendous restrictions on the rights of other parties and independent candidates to keep them from running for political office and offering voters all their choices.

If 200 of us collect 300 signatures before May 1, 2016, we can give North Carolina a different choice: the Green Party.

On municipal Election Day November 3, 2014, one of our members was able to collect 188 signatures in one day. Another was able to collect 110 signatures in one day. Another collected 38 in an hour and a half. It is entirely possible to collect 500 in a matter of months.

If we all work together, we can do this. The other parties do politics by organizing money. We must do it by organizing citizens who want to hear all their options.

Please take the pledge. Go to our main website here and sign the pledge at the bottom.

The North Carolina Green Party will follow up with you and is here provide you the support you need.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.