Voting Green in North Carolina

You can join the North Carolina Green Party, but you cannot register in North Carolina as a Green. That’s because of the state’s prohibitive ballot access requirements (with Alabama, the worst in the nation).

This unjust and anti-democratic state of affairs has grown out of an effort by the leaders of the duopoly party to ensure that only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to participate in partisan politics in North Carolina. This is an effort dating back to 1900. The NCGP has compiled a history of the gradual tightening of election law regarding new political parties, which can be found 
here. These laws, coupled with the practice of gerrymandering, the corruption of politics by money, and the statistical difficulty of unseating incumbents, has resulted in North Carolina voters having little say in who gets to run for office.

The Green Party is gathering signatures to meet North Carolina’s requirements to be certified as a political party and working to change this unjust law. We need your help!

In 2006, the Greens formed a coalition with other third-party constituents and several non-profit organizations including Free the Vote NC to promote election reforms in North Carolina. There is currently new legislation introduced in the General Assembly, the Electoral Freedom Act. The Green Party is in coalition with other small parties to support this bill.

In the interim, Greens are gathering signatures to get our candidates on the ballot for the 2016 election cycle. 

Sign it, encourage your neighbors and family to sign it, and return it to the co-chair and address on the petition! 
Help us get Green Party candidates on the ballot for 2016!

Download the ballot access petition sheet here.
Download a voter registration form here

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